Day Camps



2020 Day Camp Registration will be open soon (Tentative)!

Treasure Hunters 

July 2020

K.I.C.K.S. (Kids In Christian Karate School)

July 2020

Culinary Arts

July 2020

On Target Archery

August 2020 

Wet and Wacky Sports

  August 2020  

Lake Adventure

August 2020 

Wilderness & Survival

August 2020 

 9 am – 3:00 p.m.

Treasure Hunters: Each day kids will enjoy going on adventures in search of hidden treasure! The treasures will be found with ancient maps, hidden clues, bravery, and God given smarts!

Lake Adventure: Get into the water! Campers will play lots of water games and enjoy activities in and out of the lake. Water safety will be taught as your kids enjoy learning about kayaking and paddle boarding. 

Culinary Arts: Campers will become culinary artizans, as they learn how to prepare, cook, and present their food masterpieces. And, of course there’s lots of eating too!

K.I.C.K.S.: Kids in Christian Karate Camp!  Campers will learn how to defend themselves with Tang Su Do a Korean form of martal arts as well as how to defend their faith though Bible study.

Wilderness & Survival: Campers will love mastering the outdoors! Campers will receive some wilderness safety training, learn how to survive in the woods, distinguish certain plants and animals, as well as have some amazing adventures. 

On Target Archery: Campers will learn archery safety and how to properly shoot a bow.  They’ll have a blast paying archery tag and 3D target shooting in the woods.

Wet and Wacky Games: Campers will be in for some amazing fun as they learn and play some of the wettest and craziest water games ever!


Each Day will include:

Being loved and cared for by our amazing counselors!                                                                                                                        Learning some fun and inspirational songs.
Being taught important Biblical Truths!                                                                                                                                                          Enjoy delicious snacks and a 
Lunch served buffet style in our Dining Hall.
Swimming in the Lake (Weather Permitting)!
Making some amazing memories with all the fun and camp traditions.
Exciting recreation/games for all!                                                                                                                                                                      And enjoying snacks from the Snack Shop.

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PDF 2019 Day Camp Registration