THE WAY Summer Service & Discipleship Program

We are excited to introduce you to THE WAY summer program for youth and young adults! THE WAY program is designed to be a rich discipleship and ministry program for students ages 14 through college age. The goal of this program is to establish youth and young adults in their faith, to build up their trust in the Word, and to empower them with passion to share the Gospel to those in their spheres of influence.

Throughout the summer, every student will have daily opportunities to be led into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Students will participate in personal and corporate devotions, regular worship, concentrated studies, personal accountability, and constant interaction with mentors (we have designated leaders for guys and girls). Students will also find their fellow students to be a great source of joy and encouragement, as well as potential lifelong Christian friends. Even more, students will have a chance to gain some expertise in many camp jobs and earn an invaluable Christian work ethic. Camp jobs include some of the following: maintenance, dining hall hostess, lifeguarding, water front hand boat operators, paintball field managers, kitchen aids, housekeeping, kids camp counselors, and more!

To be a part of this program, students must fill out an application and be able to commit to the 8 weeks of summer. However, in the 2020 year we are giving students who are 14 years of age the option to commit to a 4 week program during the month of July. Once the application is collected, it will then be reviewed and if the student is accepted, they may be offered one of the limited number of volunteer or paid positions (volunteers may apply for a shorter time period). In additon, accepted students participate in mandatory training prior to the summer commitment. Each participant is also asked to help raise support by sending out approximately 20 support letters (please see an example in the application – camp will mail the letters at no cost to the students) and pray for the Lord’s provision. The goal for each student is $125 a week. The funds help to pay for the student’s financial stipend ($75-100), meals, lodging, training, discipleship materials, and special activities. Those unable to raise the $125 will still be invited to camp! To guarantee every student has the opportunity to participate in THE WAY program, LeTourneau has established the Avis & Gerri Fund, which is funded by LeTourneau supporters. For those not requesting financial compensation, we do accept volunteers!

Please feel free to contact our office for more information. 

Download an application and reference form today!


THE WAY Youth Summer Application 2020

THE WAY Youth Summer Application 2020




THE WAY Adult Summer Application, 2020

THE WAY Adult Summer Applicaiton, 2020




Reference Form

Reference Form



I loved camp this year because, first there was so much fellowship, as well as discipleship and life-training. I learned about God, while getting to hang out with other Christian teens who have the same struggles I do, but also believe in God and wish to serve Him as I do. I also loved learning about people: how to relate to them, and how to talk to them. – Christen




I loved the fellowship and amazing friendships that were built over the summer. By the end we were family, and they were amazing. I also really enjoyed the amount of time that we got to spend in the Word. It was so enriching and strengthening to spend that much great time with God. – Mary






My experience this past summer was a true blessing and definitely the work of God’s hand. Prior to this summer I was not on the path I should have been and I actually thought my life was fine, but thanks to the dedication, care, lessons from the people i worked with and most of all the grace of God I got to know my Heavenly Father a lot more and turn my life around in the right direction. I’ll never forget that summer! – Kierra




“I had an amazing experience at camp this past Summer. The importance that LeTourneau puts on studying Scripture can not be overstated, and it was certainly the biggest blessing for me! If you are looking for a place that will help you grow closer to the Lord while enjoying great fellowship with God’s people, this is the place for you!”   -Mike

“Through my years of working at LeTCC I have grown in my walk with the Lord through the Bible studies, learned how to have a strong Christian work ethic, built friendships that will last years, and made some of my best memories!”   -Janelle

Greetings Potential 2020 Summer Staff,

The staff and I are excited about summer 2020! I hope you are praying about God’s will for you this summer. We have been praying for a long time that the Lord would provide us with young people ready to draw close to God and ready to serve Christ’s people this summer through THE WAY program.

To be a part of this program, students must fill out an application and be able to commit to the 8 weeks of summer. Their application is reviewed and if accepted, students are offered one of the limited number of paid or volunteer positions 

Thank you for praying about joining THE WAY summer service & youth discipleship program. We are excited to see who the Lord will call to join us in 2020! 

For His Glory,

Jamie Fischer

LeTCC Director