Volunteer Ministry Highlights in 2016 

Volunteer Involvement: We were so blessed to have dozens of individuals and families serve alongside us throughout the year.  You built, painted, renovated, cleaned, cooked, served, taught, and more. We praise God for you wonderful volunteers.

You are truly an extension of this ministry. We consider you are camp friends and family. Many of you have really invested in not just this ministry, but the lives of our staff. We feel the love you have for us and we love you as well.

Host Ministry: You helped us serve over 100 different groups and as many as 5,000 guests in 2016. Your willingness to wash dishes, serve food, wait tables, make beds, paint fences, build additions, play with kids, mentor youth, pray, support, and a hundred other things had a tremendous impact on our staff and guests in 2016.

You had a hand in the salvation stories of more than 50 individuals and hundreds of commitments to Christ. The Church families in this region are stronger because of you.

Regional and Ethnic Diversity: You may not know it, but you ministered to folks from Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Ithaca, and across the region. You served ethnic groups from China, Thailand, Canada, Thailand, Korea, and all across Central and South America.

You served folks from the suburbs to the inner city. Last week even we saw 65 folks from the inner city blessed by this ministry. We were short on staff and several of you helped serve those kids and make a lasting impression on their lives. (John, Lois, Gene, Jeanette, June, etc.) 

Children’s Day Camps: Throughout the summer, you helped us establish new ministry that impacted nearly 150 kids in this area, many who were lost and heard the Gospel clearly for the 1st time. Many of you, helped impact these lives… Chris and Karen Lampson, their friends from Elim Bible College, Kathy Charles, the Jacobs family and more.

Special Servants: We are blessed with some very special groups who minister throughout the year.

         First, The Blessed Hope Ladies do so much for this ministry. They build up women form all over with the monthly meeting and the yearly retreats. They encourage our staff and raise support for camp as often as they can. They are a huge blessing.

         Second, The Youth from our WAY Discipleship program are a source of tremendous encouragement. Not only do they serve alongside us for 8-10 weeks, but they become part of our family. They invest in camp and we love investing in them. They are blessings year round.

         Third, our young college student who are apart of the WAY School of Discipleship, our year long discipleship program for young adults, are wonderful blessings from the Lord. They are dedicated young people with hearts to serve the Lord. We are so thankful for them.

         Fourth, our Decorating Ladies, Judy W. and Mary Ann A., have been working off and on for more than a year at LeTourneau. They are transforming the look of our lodging facilities and doing an amazing job. We are so blessed by their expertise and service. Please check their work out.

         Fifth, our construction guys did an amazing job on some wonderful jobs this year. They started off the year building a small apartment on campus for our staff. They did a phenomenal job. The craftsman ship was superb. We had a great contractor and electrician, Jack Seabrook / a designer, Duncan Rioch / a carpenter, Bob A. / a floor specialist, Terry Haffler, Plumber, Rick ?,  and others.

         These guys, especially Dan Pettit and Mark Cartwright replaced roofs and improved the waterfront as well as helped train some of our staff.

      We are blessed with some guys who work on our equipment, TJ ? (our neighbor), Mark ?, Chris Johnson, Theron Huttar, and others. We also want to say thanks to Joe Conte for loaning us his boat.

         We are very blessed with some really gifted men.

         Lastly, our board, composed of all volunteers who give so much of their time and resources to bless and build this ministry. Many serve outside the monthly board meetings in so many ways. I am grateful for their love the for the Lord and this ministry. I consider them friends and am so thankful for all they do.

         One of these board members needs a little special recognition, Jack Seabrook. He is one of if not camps biggest volunteer. Jack is here nearly every day, serving to make these facilities better. He is a true blessing. 

There are so many other ways you folks have blessed this ministry. We could not do this work without you. We are so grateful for all you have done to help this ministry serve God’s people in 2016. Thank you so much!