Meet Our Staff

Jamie & Michelle Fischer

Appointed in January 2015, Jamie Fischer and his wife Michelle (Roman) Fischer, a Penn Yan native, joined the full-time staff family at LeTourneau in mid-February 2015.

Previously, Jamie and Michelle spent three-and-a-half years in East Asia as missionaries, sharing the gospel through relationships, discipleship, and teaching English as a second language. They are excited to begin a new chapter of ministry, Jamie says, and look forward to serving the Lord by leading and discipling the staff, and serving churches and believers in the region.

Prior to his work in East Asia, Jamie held a pastoral position in Jacksboro, Tenn., serving youth and young adults and coordinating other outreach events and ministry activities church-wide. Jamie graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Care.

Gary & Cheri Fitzpatrick

Gary and Cheri (Mortensen) Fitzpatrick joined the Letourneau staff family in January 2016.  Gary is serving as custodian and assists in maintenance as well, while Cheri is serving in her new role as Camp Cook. 

Gary has lived in Penn Yan most of his life and in recent years worked as a custodian for a local school district and as a carpenter on the crew of a local Mennonite business. In addition, he has worked several years as a handyman for his local church. Since joining the team at LeTourneau, Gary has made himself available to serve in any and every way necessary to bless our guests and serve the Lord.  Gary is a lover of theology and a man with a contagious laugh. Gary is also our local ping pong champion!  

Cheri grew up in Naples, NY, and spent many summers at LeTourneau as a teen. Cheri started as our Event Coordinator leading LeTourneau’s growing ministry to the community. However, when our former Head Chef, Robert, had a medical emergency, Cheri stepped in and did a wonderful job. After Robert officially retired in January of 2018, Cheri came on as our new full-time Cook. Cheri has brought her pleasant personality and wonderful cooking skills to LeTourneau. She is known for her delicious homemade soups, deserts, bread, and more! 

Gerri Moose (and the late Avis Sowl)

More than 60 years ago, Avis and Gerri, friends and fellow houseparents at an orphanage in Kentucky, accepted an offer from then-director Harold Seeley to “help out” for two weeks at Camp. The two weeks turned into a few more, then a summer, and 50 years later, their impact on Camp and its many generations of summer staff and staff families has been a special testimony and light to all who know and love them. For years, both ladies cooked in the Camp kitchen, with Gerri earning raves for delicious cinnamon rolls served at breakfast and Avis garnering accolades for chocolate chip cookies bigger than your fist. (Campers or staff members who managed to polish off a homemade Chipwich from the Strawberry Patch ice cream shop, crafted out of Avis’s cookies, garnered special boasting rights.)

In addition, they spent summers supervising the maids serving in the Lodge and Bethany House, planted and maintained several lovely garden beds around the Camp property (Avis’s rose bushes near the Lodge are especially famous) and  in the “off-season” painted, stenciled and sewed to decorate numerous Camp buildings.

A number of Avis’s paintings adorn the walls of guest rooms in the Lodge, Bethany House and cottages, and Gerri also kept the summer staff in clean uniforms from a central laundry room under the former Dining Hall.

Avis and Gerri have served as shining lights, radiating the spirit of Christ. In 2006, their 50th year of service was marked with a special celebration and in 2011, the Avis and Gerri Fund was established to compensate the seasonal summer staff (teens and young adults) who serve the many summer campers attending programs and events during the busiest months of the year. The Camp family celebrated Avis’s 90th birthday in the spring of 2012 and celebrated Gerri’s 90th with a special alumni reunion event in the summer of 2015. On July 1st, 2016, our dear Avis went home to be with the Lord. In August of 2016, a special thank you recognition for Gerri was hosted to mark the 60th year of service given.

Bob & Mary Ann Anderson

Bob is a new addition to LeTourneau Christian Center!  He began in February 2017, and hit the ground running with a project in the lodge to update and modernize the first floor.  He continues to tackle the big projects and currently is working on the new sound system for the Tabernacle.   He is married to Mary Ann, and has a daughter Lydia.

Bob attended school in Staten Island, NY.  He graduated from Cobleskill with a Landscape Design degree.  Bob has been in the building trades for the last 25 years doing remodeling as well as New Home construction.   Any one that has come to camp in the last few months can see what a wonderful addition to our camp Bob is!

His wife, Mary Ann also assisted with the Lodge renovation.  Our downstairs floor of the Lodge, look so beautiful and very comfortable furnishings.   LeTourneau is grateful to have her insights and interior decorating talents!  We look forward to Bob and Mary Ann bringing all their gifts and talents to our ministry.  

Donivan and Hanna Krop

Donivan and Hanna Krop were summer staff, prior to becoming students in our one year student program called, The WAY School of Discipleship. They have been coming to LeTourneau Christian Center for many years with their families. Donivan and Hanna were engaged on campus, July 4, 2016! They were married November 19, 2016. After graduation from THE WAY School of Discipleship, Donivan and Hanna joined the full-time staff at LeTourneau. Donivan is a leader on our Grounds and Maintenance staff. Donivan is also one of our Certified First Aid Lifeguards. Hanna started off as our full-time dining hostess, but after having Sophia (their 1st child) in June of 2018, Hanna has moved into a part-time administrative assistant role in the office. Hanna and Donivan are great leaders and mentors to the many young teens and adults who join our Summer Discipleship program here at LeTourneau Christian Center. We are so grateful for these two and their commitment to serving Christ with us.

We praise the Lord for the faithful help of each of these servant-leaders!