Enjoy these Blessed Hope Programs Online!

Attention, Ladies! In case you missed our March program with Organizing Pro Marcia Ramsland, or our June 12 program (our first-ever online only event) with Brenda “Bebe” Collier, you can catch the “instant replays” below. 

JUNE 12 Blessed Hope Program with Brenda Collier 

We’re excited to introduce you to Brenda “Bebe” Collier who is sharing her spiritual journey with Jesus, and how the Savior changed her life. A Lima, NY resident, Brenda is a longtime Bible study teacher, discipleship leader and mentor to others. Thank you to Brenda and the those supporting our Blessed Hope team who collaborated to make this presentation possible. We hope Brenda’s message blesses and encourages you … Enjoy! 

During our March Blessed Hope Ladies Luncheon, our guests were blessed to hear from Organizing Pro Marcia Ramsland, from her home in San Diego, California. Marcia is the leading online organizing coach and the author of the Simplify Your Life book series, filled with helpful tips to get you organized. She is also a former Pittsford, NY resident with wonderful memories of times spent at LeTourneau, and graciously gave LeTourneau’s Blessed Hope team permission to re-share this presentation online. For more info, visit her website at: organizingpro.com