In 2016, we saw God move in amazing ways through the ministry of LeTCC.
Here are several highlights from our director, Jamie Fischer:

Service Ministry Growth: We saw a healthy increase in guest bookings, which allowed our facilities to be used every month, and more heavily from April through November. Throughout the year, we saw the Lord do some amazing things in the lives of more than 5,000 guests.

Ethnic Diversity: The Kingdom of God will be composed of believers from every nation. This year we were blessed to serve people from many nations and ethnic groups, including those from Korea, China, Thailand, and Central and South America.

Children’s Day Camps: We were so blessed to start our Children’s event ministry with 6 weeks of Day Camps. We shared the Gospel and ministered to nearly 150 children. Camp themes included Culinary Arts, Drama, Art, Soccer, and Water Sports.

Inner City and Underprivileged Teen Camp: Once again we were able to host teens, for free, from the inner city and underprivileged teens in our region. We shared the Gospel, entertained, served meals, played games, and had the privilege of leading these teens in worship.

Volunteer Ministry Explosion: We were so blessed to have dozens of individuals and families serve alongside us throughout the year. They built, painted, renovated, cleaned, cooked, served, taught, and more. We praise God for these wonderful folks.

The Way Summer Program: This program was designed to disciple teens and college-age students throughout 8-10 weeks of summer ministry. Students had daily devotions with the staff and once again at night with their dorm leaders. They also participated in multiple Bible studies throughout the week and were mentored to know the Lord in a genuine life-changing way.

Pastor and Missionary Retreats: Each year we serve dozens of pastor and missionary families. These families are treated to a relaxing and refreshing weekend in one of our cottages for free.

THE Way School of Discipleship: In September of this year, the Lord led us to establish THE WAY School of Discipleship for young adults desiring to be mentored for one year in Christian ministry. We have five students who spend 15-20 hours in class studying Old Testament and New Testament Survey, Biblical Theology, Worldview, and Apologetics, as well as other supplemental classes. The students also serve alongside our full-time staff and are given opportunities to lead in ministry. They will be key leaders in our 2017 summer ministry.