May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. – Psalm 90:17
Many times this past month, my prayer has been similar to Psalm 90:17. I, as I’m sure you do as well, desire for God’s favor to be upon this ministry and for Him to establish the work of our hands. This month our ministry has seen God’s favor in the guests we’ve served, our staff, the youth of THE WAY program, our volunteers/donors, and more. 
The end of September and now October have been beautiful for our guests as the weather has been unusually warm and sunny. We’ve had three or four groups visit with us nearly every week and have served an average of a hundred guests a week. 

Our staff have had a blessed month as well, though, sadly, we’ve had to say goodbye to a wonderful young lady and excellent staff member, Danita McClure. We have been so blessed to serve with Danita. She came to us at the age of 14 as a summer staff member and at the age of 18 came on full-time. After three years, she is moving into the next stage of her journey with the Lord. Keep us in your prayers as we transition and as we seek a new Group Coordinator/Administrative Assistant. 
Perhaps you don’t know about LeTourneau’s growing discipleship ministry—we encourage you to check it out here. Our one-year discipleship ministry, THE WAY School of Discipleship, for young adults, has welcomed two students this year. Each is growing in their faith and learning the ministry of service. In addition, THE WAY has branched into a new ministry this Fall. Open to the public, nearly 20 high school and college students meet each week for fellowship, fun, food, and Bible study on Sunday nights. (For more information, please call the office.)
This ministry thrives due to our volunteers, prayer partners, and donors. We’ve been blessed with some very helpful volunteers who’ve allowed us to continue serving at a high level. Let me share just a few of their names and service projects. Mary Ann Anderson, though officially a part-time staff member, continues to be 100% funded by donors as she volunteers 20 hours a week to the ministry. She is currently serving as the marketing coordinator as well as working to improve camp aesthetics. Harv and Bitsy Tremper have been very helpful serving alongside our team regularly on maintenance and housekeeping projects. Dan McClure and TJ Amato have been huge helps as they service our boats and close down the waterfront. The Monday morning bed-making ladies are always so faithful. Our student volunteers, many previous summer staffers, continue to be essential to serving our guests on the weekends. Many donors have given to the needs of the ministry. One donation came in to THE WAY program for $1,000 this month. Another exciting donation is in the works as a wonderful family is preparing to donate a solar-powered cross walk system to camp! This will be such a blessing to all our guests as the safety of our campers will be greatly increased. 
God’s favor is very visible and we praise Him for establishing and prospering the work of our hands. 
In Christ’s Favor, 
Jamie Fischer