LeTourneau Christian Center has been building the Kingdom of God on the shores of Canandaigua Lake for 83 years. Thousands of lives have been changed during this time and by God’s grace, we will see thousands more changed for the glory of God. It has taken hundreds of faithful ministry minded servants of the Lord to accomplish the work and it has taken thousands of individuals and families willing to invest in the ministry to accomplish a great work for the Kingdom of God. Our current staff, board of directors, and volunteers are grateful for all those who have given to the needs and vision of this ministry.


If your desire is to financially support LeTourneau Christian Center so that the ministry might continue to impact lives for God’s glory and the joy of His people, there are several ways you can make an investment. If you have a leading from the Lord to partner with this ministry, please call our office at 585-554-3400 to speak to one of our volunteer financial planners, who will help you determine the best way to support the work and to secure a future for LeTourneau Christian Center.