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Youth & Young Adults

I am thrilled to share with you an exciting ministry in connection with THE WAY program of LeTourneau Christian Center. On September 13, 2016, LeTourneau Christian Center welcomed its first students into THE WAY School of Discipleship; a one year discipleship and ministry opportunity for young adults! We are thrilled to tell you about this new ministry and how the Lord may guide you to be apart of this amazing opportunity.

The desire of this ministry is to see young people built up in the Word of God, surrendered to the Lord’s calling upon their lives, prepared to defend their faith, and able to accelerate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of life.


Discipleship Experience

THE WAY School of Discipleship is built on five essential elements:

  • Christian Community — providing a Christian family atmosphere, accountability, and mentorship.
  • Practical Missional Application — providing practical ministry opportunities in evangelism, service, and missions inside and outside of camp.
  • Biblical and Theological Training — providing a thorough education in Old and New Testament Studies and Theology, along with studies in church history, hermeneutics, biblical counseling, discipleship, worldview & apologetics.
  • Leadership Development — giving opportunities for humble servant leadership.
  • Ministerial Training — promoting a Christian work ethic and providing specialized training and service in a wide variety of camp ministry.

1 Year Program

 To accomplish the goals of these essential elements, students spend 9 hours in biblical and theological training a week, with up to 10 hours spent on assignments and class projects. Another 5 hours a week is spent on practical missional projects, and up to 20 hours is spent on leadership development and ministerial training. A students week is balanced as to allow for ample free time and fellowship opportunities to spend with other students and staff. Church involvement is also highly encouraged.

The staff and board of directors are excited to see what the Lord will accomplish through the students of THE WAY School of Discipleship. It is our desire to offer this opportunity free of charge to all of our students in 2020. There will be no cost for books, classes, activities, housing, or food throughout the entirety of the program (minimal charge for mission trips). Furthermore, we give a small missional stipend, weekly, to all of our students. We are limited in the number of students we may accept free of charge; no more than five per year. Beyond that number, we offer other options. To help offset the cost to this ministry for such a wonderful program, we ask all our students to share their desire to join THE WAY School of Discipleship with as many of their friends and family as possible, so that these loved ones might encourage our students through prayer and financial support.


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